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Located in Draper, Utah, Adventure Dental specializes in Pediatric dentistry. Our services are designed with children’s specific needs and requirements in mind. Our goal is to work with each one of our patients to develop good oral health through regular appointments and proper care. We aim to establish and reinforce good habits that will keep your little one’s teeth strong and healthy as they grow.

Dr Brent DeHart and Dr Mike Christensen are specialists who have completed 2 year residency programs in pediatric dentistry following the completion of dental school.Our specialties include:

We offer reasonable fees and give our patients the personal attention they deserve. Our clinic is warm and inviting because we want our patients to feel completely relaxed during their visit. If there is anything you are feeling apprehensive about, please let us know and we’ll discuss all of your options.

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Pediatric Dentistry



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Pediatric Dentistry




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Proudly serving children in the Salt Lake City area

At Adventure Dental we know that even a dental check-up can be a frightening experience for children. That’s why our caring doctors do everything possible to make sure their visit is enjoyable. We welcome new patients to experience our high-quality and affordable dentistry in a fun and relaxed environment.

Dr. Brent DeHart

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